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Website’s Goal

This Website’s has been designed for readers considering the 5 Insurances at the core of my Practice as well as my 2 integrated Services: : Pre-Claim Services; Claims Services. 

Underlying Premise

Arranged properly, Insurance becomes an effective, powerful, predictable, and deferred economic asset. Yet, Insurance must be pretested as otherwise it is only a word, until you claim, or better still, never claim!

Website Objectivity

This Website is not sponsored by, or associated with, any linked entity. Any such linkages are only for the potential interest of the reader and any such linkages to other pages and their owners are not intended to be a referral or an endorsement of the linked entities.

Presentation Format

While most matters in this Website could be expanded, my goal was to provide an overview in non-insurance language, rather than a textbook, for readers when considering their particular situation. The material in this Website is not a substitute for Personal Professional Advice and does not constitute Accounting, Actuarial, Insurance, Legal, Medical, or any such other Professional Advice. To discuss the specifics of your situation, you may contact Ian Callaway directly.


In almost all cases, Topics have been either Alphabetically or Numerically Sequenced.


This Website is informational only and it does not create either a direct or an implied relationship between the reader and Ian Callaway. No representation is made in this Website as to its accuracy, completeness, or appropriateness for any particular purpose. Ian Callaway, his staff, and/or the Website host assume no responsibility or liability whatsoever for any claim, damage, injury, or loss related to, or resulting from, the direct or indirect reliance of any information and/or statement contained within this Website.

Unauthorized Usage

Ian Callaway considers it unethical and deems it a financial and/or a personal injury to have his name declared, listed, stated, or indicated as an “Expert”, “Testifying Authority”, or otherwise “Authoritative Name”, in any legal or negotiation proceedings without his prior knowledge and written permission. If such discovery comes to light, in addition to filing a formal complaint with the appropriate Professional Association(s), an invoice [due within 31 days] will be submitted to the offending person[s] based on what Ian Callaway considers the anticipated fees and expenses that might have been invoiced if Ian were to have been involved in the aforementioned matter. If the matter were to besmirch Ian’s reputation, additional damages would be due.

Copyrighted Content

Unless otherwise noted, the contents of this Website, including written text and custom-designed visuals, have been prepared by Ian Callaway and as such are copyrighted and must not be used without prior written approval from Ian Callaway.